Connecting Hearts to Jesus

Our Mission

To provide a developmentally appropriate and nurturing environment that supports social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual growth as we joyfully share the gospel.  We prepare children for lifelong learning and service to Christ as we connect hearts to Jesus.

Academic Excellence Anchored in Christ

We provide curriculum that encourages whole-child learning, positive self concept and social skills. Each classroom is a richly diverse and age appropriate environment. Our program permits each child the freedom to act upon his/her own curiosity and ideas within a consistent framework through a variety of learning centers in addition to planned activities in religion, art, music, movement, literacy, math, science, handwriting and technology. Activities are also selected to develop the skills addressed in Kindergarten.

Spiritual Program

Connecting Hearts to Jesus
Hourly and daily, both staff and children hear and live out the true Gospel message: the Good News that Jesus died and came alive for our salvation. Learning that Jesus loves them "no matter what", children experience the love and forgiveness of one another and their teachers. This is more than learning how to live a moral life. It is building a life of love based on the life, death, and resurrection of our loving Savior, Jesus Christ. It is this belief and teaching that makes our school unique.
We use the Lutheran curriculum "One-in-Christ" to introduce children to the basic teaching of the Christian faith. Through daily Bible lessons the children learn about Jesus, His great love for people and how God cares for their every need. Prayer and worship are part of each day with weekly Bible themes integrated throughout the curriculum. Chapel is held weekly in the sanctuary with our Pastor and major festivals of the church year are celebrated appropriately.
Our preschool receives the support of our church body, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, which is the second largest parochial school system in the nation.

Program Goals

Grow Spiritually to:
Develop a sense of trust
Realize the need for God's love
Know Jesus as their Savior
Respond to God's love and care
Feel secure in God's love and care
See themselves as God's children
Grow Emotionally to:
Develop a positive self-concept
Be free to risk failure and be comfortable with mistakes
Develop a sense of security and trust
Show independence and responsibility
Channel emotions into appropriate and acceptable behaviors
Grow Socially to:
Learn to play, work, and communicate with peers and adults
Adjust to group situations
Accept others
Develop a sense of community
Accept changes in environment and routines
Grow Physically to:
Develop gross and fine motor coordination
Develop eye-hand and eye-foot coordination
Become aware of his/her own body
Grow Intellectually to:
Continue to develop language use and understanding
Develop reading skills
Develop thinking and problem solving skills
Develop math skills
Develop his/her attention span
Complete tasks
Initiate his/her own activities
Grow Creatively to:
View self and others as unique individuals created by God
Express ideas in his/her own way
Be artistically creative using a variety of media
Develop God-given talents and abilities

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