Gift Card Fundraiser - Abiding Savior Lutheran Church

Gift Card Fundraiser

Are you planning to give gift cards for Thanksgiving, Christmas or birthdays? How about getting gift cards for yourself? Abiding Savior has a program where you can purchase those cards. And, there’s a bonus: a percentage of what you pay will be returned to the preschool in the form of a cash rebate.  

Program Information below, you can order through the linked website. Orders will be accepted through December 10.

Program Information

How does the program work? You can purchase gift cards by completing an order form and returning it to the Church or Preschool along with your payment.  

Where are the order forms? Order forms are available in the narthex as well as in the Church and Preschool offices. 

When will the orders be accepted? Orders will be accepted between Wednesday, November 1 and Sunday, December 10. The completed order form and payment can be submitted on Sunday mornings or at the Church or Preschool offices during normal business hours during the week. On-line orders can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Orders received after December 10th will be processed in January, so get your orders in early.

What about paying for the cards? Payment must be made at the time of the order with cash, a check or with a credit or debit card. Unless purchasing on-line, paying with a credit or debit card must be made in person. There will be a 3% processing reimbursement fee added to the total when using a credit or debit card. There’s no additional fee if paying with cash or a check.

When will the cards be available for pick up? The first group of orders must be submitted by Sunday, November 12 and the final group of orders before Christmas must be submitted by Sunday, December 10. You’ll be able to pick up the cards at the Church office or the Preschool office a few days after the orders are processed. Remember, orders received after December 10 will not be available for Christmas gifts.

How does the rebate work? When a card is purchased, a percent of the purchase price is automatically returned to the preschool. For example, when a $100 card with a 5% rebate is purchased, $5 is returned to the preschool.

Is the value of the card reduced by the rebate amount? NO. The face value of the card remains the same. 

Which gift cards are available now? There are dozens of the most popular gift cards available for purchase. A list of the merchants and card values is below.

Available Cards Listed Below