Abiding Savior Lutheran Church and Preschool


Serving Gainesville Florida Since 1991

The name of our Lutheran congregation, "Abiding Savior," expresses the Christ-centered message and worship life of the church in this place and the acknowledgment of His holy presence with us by means of His Word and Sacraments.

Abiding Savior was founded as a concept in  1989, when First Lutheran desired to establish a new LCMS congregation in the Northwest Gainesville area. We came together as a congregation in 1991, originally meeting to worship in Oak Hall before being blessed with our current location and Worship Center in 1994. The preschool began a year later in 1995, starting with only four classrooms and a handful of staff. Our Pastor at the time, Ken Schamens, helped bring together our congregation and build a community that worked together to build up our church. 
Ken served us till 2002, being accompanied for seven years by Charles Reich who continued serving us after Ken left. Charels would stay with us until 2006, where after a vacancy pastor, we would be graced with the team of Enwood Nevis and Alan Struckmeyer in 2007.
In 2007 we were blessed with the Family Life Center, giving us more space for fellowship and to expand our preschool. With this new blessing dedicated to Charles and Charlotte Scholz, who gifted us with a major donation to finish the construction.
Enwood would end his service with us in 2011, leaving Alan to serve alone until his death in 2021 as our called pastor.  Pastor Jack Mackowiak currently serves Abiding Savior as an Interim Pastor.

We have been blessed with good fortune and opportunity in the building of our church. God has given us a community who are dedicated and willing to serve and help in whatever way possible.

Our Church Staff

Rev Graham Glover


Joshua Mazur

Music Director

Susan Moss

Church Administrator

Anna Moss

Communications Coordinator

Andrew Hodgson

Financial Assistant

  jmazur@abidingsavior.info smoss@abidingsavior.info anna@abidingsavior.info andrew@abidingsavior.info