Scholz Memorial Organ - Abiding Savior Lutheran Church

The Scholz Memorial Organ

The 12 rank, 811 pipe, 3 division, 2 manual, and 27 register instrument was designed specifically for the sanctuary at Abiding Savior, and was constructed new in 1996 by Hagerstown Pipe Organ Company, Inc. This instrument was commissioned, and the construction supervised, by Charles and Charlotte Scholz as a gift to the Glory of God and to encourage the praise of the people of Abiding Savior Lutheran Church. The pipes are fabricated from wood, zinc, and a tin/lead combination. Some notable features are that both the Swell and the Great chests are under expression, the action is Möller direct electric, and it has a Peterson solid state combination action.

In 2020/2021, funds were donated to the Music Ministry in memory of Mr. Art Swett, former Lutheran educator, organist, and music director. It was decided to use these funds to purchase a Glockenstern which was added to the organ in 2021. In celebration of the congregations 30th anniversary, a set of Organ Chimes were added in October 2021, completing the initial design and plan for the organ when it was first built. 

GREAT - Enclosed

16    Bourdon      97 pipes
8    Principal    61 pipes (exposed)
8    Bourdon
4    Octave       61 pipes 
4    Koppel Flote 61 pipes
2 2/3 Quinte      61 pipes 
2    Principal    61 pipes 
2    Flote
8    Trompette    from SW

SWELL - Enclosed 

8   Rohrflote    73 pipes
8   Gemshorn     80 pipes
8   Gems Celeste 49 pipes
4   Principal    73 pipes
8   Trompette    61 pipes
4   Rohrflote
2 2/3 Nazard
2   Octave
1 1/3 Quinte


32    Resultant 
16    Principal 
16    Bourdon
8    Octave
8    Flote
4    Super Octave 
16    Contre Trompette 
8    Trompette 
4    Clarion